Big Discounts on Big Bandwidth! 2015


Excellent value for money on BTnet dedicated internet

  • Dedicated Fibre Internet with 100% uptime SLA
  • No usage caps or charges
  • Uncontended and symmetrical access
  • Highly reliable
  • For businesses where downtime is not an option
  • Total care, maintenance cover (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) is included within tariff – 4hr response with a targeted 5hr fix
  • Perfect for VoiP – BTnet SIP with Q0S also available
  • Lower cost GEA and EFM variants also available in some areas
  • Full details upon request.

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Price reduction on Point to Point Connections!

  • Dedicated Point to Point fibre optic cables means our SHDS services are highly reliable and offer very low latency – propagation delay is usually less than 1 millisecond
  • No usage caps or charges
  • No link to the internet so no security risk
  • No additional cost for quarterly billing
  • A Managed Service – remote monitoring of the link enables proactive alarm monitoring and rapid fault diagnostics and also now comes with Proactive Alarm/Fault Notification via e-mail
  • Total care, maintenance cover (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) is included within tariff – 4hr response with a targeted 5hr fix
  • Automatic SLA covering On Time Delivery and repair/unavailability
  • A Suite of resilience options including Active/Passive(RA01) and Active/Active (RA02) which offers double the bandwidth
  • Can be used to support both voice and data on the same link although COS on the CPE is usually advisable when used to support Voice
  • 10M and 100M circuits come with RJ45 interfaces which means customers can easily connect in to their LAN’s via their Hubs or LAN Switches

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BTnet SIP – Drop your call costs but not your calls

bt_net_hero_promo_new lower_price






More and more companies are considering a switch to some
form of SIP voice. The reasons for this are the obvious cost
savings combined with the greater flexibility. In short, enabling
businesses to do more for less.
• 50% of medium/ large businesses are using some form of IP calls.1
• 100%+ growth in use of IP calls seen up to 2013.2
We know you can’t afford to miss calls. You need to make and
receive calls every second of the day, otherwise it may affect
your business and its reputation. This is where BT SIP Trunk
delivers a key advantage.
Because BT SIP Trunk runs over BTnet, our market-leading
dedicated internet access circuit, it only runs over the parts of
the infrastructure controlled by BT.
You’ll get the benefit of Quality of Service (QoS) that
prioritises your voice data across your connection and the BT
network, delivering quality calls. This all makes BT SIP Trunk
fast, reliable and secure.
And with BT you’ll get the best of both worlds –
saving on costs without compromising on call quality.

Take a look at the PDF and see how BTnet SIP works.

BTnet SIP 2014 PDF

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BTnet Dedicated Internet April 2014 – Brand New Pricing available plus Free iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina or Macbook Air….

Go beyond broadband with BTnet Internet and get a Free iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina or Macbook Air from April 2014

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Get a NEW iPad Air / iPad Mini Retina* FREE with new or upgrading BTnet fibre orders of 10Mbps to 100Mb when ordered from 1st April 2014 with 325 Consultancy


Get a NEW MACBOOK AIR FREE with BTnet fibre orders of 110Mbps or more on 500Mb or 1Gb bearer, when ordered from 1st April 2014 with 325 Consultancy*

  • Guaranteed speeds with unlimited data usage
  • Service level agreement and 24/7 support
  • 100% availability target SLA (on fibre Ethernet)
  • BTnet SIP trunks offer safe, reliable secure voice with QoS

BTnet Leased Line is the UK’s market leading leased line Internet access*


We’ve reduced our prices across our leased line portfolio, giving you huge savings and often DOUBLE the bandwidth compared with previous pricing. The amount of discount depends on the circuit you choose, so get in touch with our specialists for a quote or just some advice.

We also offer:

Free standard BTnet connection

  • Available on 3 or 5 year contracts
  • Applies to standard BTnet installation charge including circuit and router connection charge

If a tough, resilient Internet connection is absolutely critical to your business, then a leased line could be exactly what you need.

  • Keeping you online when you need it (that’ll be ‘all the time’) or money back, based on 100% service availability target
  • Guaranteed download and upload speeds that won’t slow down, ever
  • Flexible bandwidth – you only pay for what you need
  • Protection from network crashes. It’s the safest way to keep connected

BTnet Top 5 uses

In house hosting

Host applications in-house (with secure access for all your employees) thanks to the confidence that you’ll feel with guaranteed bandwidth

Unlimited data transfers

With no ‘fair use’ policy, you really can send and receive unlimited amounts of data


Running high-quality voice calls over the internet instead of using your standard lines can mean lower call costs. With BTnet’s guaranteed bandwidth, there’s no worries about calls dropping out. Take BT’s own BTnet SIP trunks and not only do you get clear voice with QoS, plus generous monthly call bundles built in, but you also get security against SIP hi jacking.  BTnet SIP can only run on the BTnet connection it was ordered giving you peace of mind and protection.

Office speeds at home

No drop in speed for homeworkers gives you genuine opportunities for a flexible workforce

Get on the cloud

BTnet’s bandwidth and speed means multiple employees can use your cloud-based applications at the same time without any bother

Prices and discounts

Each BTnet circuit we install is tailored to your business needs so you’ll get the right price, only paying for what you need. Call us to discuss your requirements with one of our experts.

Discounts on Ethernet Fibre circuits:

  • 10M, 100M, 500M and 1G bearer
  • plus EFM now available with up to 35Mbps guaranteed speeds

Free standard BTnet connection subject to survey

  • Available on 3 or 5 year contracts
  • Applies to standard BTnet installation charge including circuit and router connection charge

Benefits of BTnet Leased Line

100% Internet availability target on fibre – or money back

You’ll get:

  • A target of 100% service availability at all times, to keep your business online
  • A money-back service level agreement (SLA) should we ever fail to meet the target
  • 24/7 technical support

Constant high speed Internet

With BTnet Leased Line you get fast Internet that won’t slow down, even during peak periods of web traffic.

Unlike regular broadband services where you share with other users, BTnet gives you bandwidth that is exclusively yours.

Peace of mind against security threats

With BTnet, you’ll be safe from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks that can interrupt your critical business transactions. BTnet can detect, diagnose, and fight DoS attacks.

  • Reactive DoS mitigation support included in our Leased Line package
  • Get extra protection by adding Proactive DoS mitigation

Inclusive Static IP addresses & domain names

We’ll include as many free IP addresses as you need (and as Internet regulations allow). We can also supply primary and secondary DNS and domain name registration for an extra fee.

We are also committed to the development of IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6), to ensure new IP address space is available once IPv4 is all used up.

Online bandwidth reports

Make informed decisions about your bandwidth with free online reporting. Securely check network performance and costs, whenever you want.

Only pay for the bandwidth you need

Save money with BTnet by only paying for the bandwidth you need. You can also turn up the bandwidth you need in busy periods, or turn it down to save during quieter times.

Supportive service

When you move to BTnet Leased Line, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Leased line downloads

Useful BTnet Leased Line documents that may assist your research

BTnet customer brochure (please email for a free quote and brochure)


  • Benefits and features of a leased line
  • Connectivity comparison matrix
  • Advice on reading leased line small print

BTnet SLA: 100% target availability

Find out why 100% target availability is so important and what it could mean for your business.

BTnet target availability

BTnet service level agreement

Further detail on our market leading leased line SLA.

BTnet service level agreement

BTnet resilience data sheet

Find out more about the BTnet Leased Line resilience options; backup, failover and load balancing.

BTnet resilience

BTnet Denial of Service (DDoS) data sheet

See how BTnet Leased Lines can protect your business against security threats with its advanced security features.

BTnet security data sheet

BTnet conditions and service schedule

Full set of conditions and service schedule for BTnet Leased Line.

BTnet conditions and service schedule

Double Bandwidth applies to certain port speed and bearer combinations, example 10Mb for the price of 5Mb on 10M bearer,

100Mb for the price of 50mb on 100Mb bearer. Full details and combinations on offer available on request.

*April 2014 iPad Special Offer terms: A free iPad from the current range up to a value of £399 will be offered to customers placing brand new BTnet orders or upgrading from smaller bearer. To qualify for a Free iPad you must have written confirmation from us ahead of order being signed. No iPads will be issued for historic orders sorry.  The BTnet must be at least 10Mb fibre bearer with at least 10Mb of bandwidth. Minimum BTnet annual rental of £6,000 per annum on a new 3 and 5 year terms only  – not available simply by flexing or resigning existing port speed sorry.

11 inch Macbook Air to a maximum value of £899 available to customers taking 110Mb of bandwidth or more on a new up upgraded to 500Mb or 1Gb bearer on a new 3 or 5 year term. Item will be sent upon completion of install. A copy of your first bill will be required. Please contact the team for full terms and conditions.  325 reserve the right to change or end this promotion at any time. Limited numbers available.


New BTnet Pricing October 2013

Is internet access mission-critical to your business?

Yes? Then you need a BTnet Leased Line (whatever the size of your business…)


  • NEW: double bandwidth offer. That’s twice the port speed for the same price. (ask for details)
  • We’ve got a 100% internet availability target together with a market-leading SLA
  • A choice of download and upload speeds over a tough, resilient internet connection

Calling any businesses looking to review leased line / fibre ethernet circuits Please get in touch ASAP. Get faster more reliable connectivity.

New pricing just launched

Great deals on 10M 100M 500M and 1G bearers with 100% uptime SLA!

Please email:

Why Choose BTnet


Free Migrations! Free Upgrades! Faster Speeds!


Calling existing BT customers who have leased lines / ethernet circuits on the old 20C platform.  Please contact us ASAP. We have just heard that for a very limited time an offer is available allowing migration to 21C (Twenty First Century) network and offering bigger bearers capable of faster bandwidth speeds, plus free or heavily discounted upgrades!  The time to make the jump is now!

What could you do with more bandwidth? How much more productive and profitable could it make your business? Could flexibility help you when you need more bandwidth, in the knowledge that when you don’t need as much you can flex down?

Please email or call 0333 939 0012 for details

See if you can take advantage. If you are not sure if your connections are 20C or 21C no problem, we can check.

We can do a free review of your connectivity and most likely give you better speeds than you have at the moment. The migration offer includes services like BTnet, MPLS, IP Converge, IP Clear to name a few…

What are you waiting for? Give us a shout

All the best


Business Mobile Offer Mon 24th June – Friday 28th June 2013

Talk Time Solo – Special Offer

Offer only available this week:
Mon 24th June – Friday 28th

Talk Time Solo Business Offer 24th to 28th June 2013 Only



Unlimited Minutes – Unlimited Texts – Unlimited BT Wi-Fi – 1GB Data Bundle for just £30 per month! Plus Free Galaxy Fame Android Handset & Archos Titanium 70 Tablet!

Archos Titanium 70 – an impressive 7” Android tablet

 Stylish aluminium casing, just 8.6mm thick and only 280g.
 Great 7inch screen has sharp, vivid colours and
impressive detail, with wide viewing angles.
 Powerful 1.6GHz dual-core processor and quad-core
graphics processor, makes light work of apps, HD content, browsing and gaming.
 Video calling with front-facing camera, perfect for when you can’t be face-to-face.
 Share content on a TV/projector using the mini-HDMI port or to a DNLA compatible screen.
 Runs Android Jelly Bean with access to Google Play Store’s 700,000+ apps.
 5GB internal storage plus microSD slot for up to 32GB expandable memory.

Samsung Galaxy Fame – Samsung’s new great value Android smartphone
 Running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with Samsung’s user-friendly interface.
 3.5inch screen, with an attractive, solid build quality
 5MP rear camera and VGA front facing camera
 4GB internal storage, microSD slot up to 64GB, and NFC

Important information – things you need to know about the offer  The Archos tablet is only available to customers taking the Samsung Galaxy Fame handset on the Platinum Smartphone tariff – it is not available with any other handset or on any other tariff.

The Archos tablet will be sent out separately, up to one week after delivery of the handset.  Customers will receive a letter stating this when they receive their handset. 

Only available to order between Monday 24th June and Friday 28th June (4pm).  Archos Titanium 70 comes with a 12 month warranty. Normal warranty process applies. Full terms and conditions in Section 10 of the Price List available at

Business Users Call now on 0844 736 2675

Businesses: Profit from providing free WiFi and supercharged marketing

Combining the power and reliability of BT’s range of internet products, (standard term and short term contracts available upon request) and an amazing yet cost effective Hot Spot In a Box, we are very excited about this service, and you should be to.


Hotspot in a Box

Purple WiFi is a simple and secure solution to creating a public WiFi hotspot in your hospitality, leisure or retail business.

As members of the Internet Watch Foundation, Purple WiFi provides a fully secure, family friendly and legally compliant WiFi hotspot solution.

Our ‘Hotspot in a box’ offers three simple ways to turn the cost of supplying WiFi into a powerful marketing tool that generates revenue, brand awareness and customer loyalty.

1.  Increase your social reach

Everyone who uses your WiFi is asked to ‘Like’ your Facebook page, ‘Tweet’ about you on Twitter or ‘Follow’ you on LinkedIn – giving you constant promotion to all of their friends and followers.

2.  Gather customer data and analytic insights

Gain valuable, real-time reporting about your users, including their age, gender, home town, how often they visit, what they say through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and how many of their friends it reaches.

3.  Communicate with your customers

Segment and actively market to those users through an in built email marketing tool, offering promotions and highlighting products you think they’ll buy.



Hotspot in a box

£ 25 per month with  £99  set  up  & router fee

Option to add  standard term or short term broadband from £ 20 per month

Package includes…

Branded splash page for all device types Adverts on your customer log on page

2 additional private WiFi channels Bandwidth limiting per user Family friendly URL blocking

Data holding in compliance with legal requirements

Your outlet listed as a WiFi hotspot Voucher based log in

Easy to use customer log in

Log in via 3 social media channels Likes/Follows through registration process

Management of your social media messages Facebook inbox management

Email marketing tool

Multi site management and reporting Promotional voucher creation

Full reporting suite including…

Number of visitors

Customers gender, age, location Time of visits

Amount of time spent online Type of device used

Social media mentions

Number of people reached via social media


Like to know more? 

To find out more, please call

0333 939 0012 or 

Email BTTeam ref Purple Wifi Enquiry