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BTnet SIP – Drop your call costs but not your calls

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More and more companies are considering a switch to some
form of SIP voice. The reasons for this are the obvious cost
savings combined with the greater flexibility. In short, enabling
businesses to do more for less.
• 50% of medium/ large businesses are using some form of IP calls.1
• 100%+ growth in use of IP calls seen up to 2013.2
We know you can’t afford to miss calls. You need to make and
receive calls every second of the day, otherwise it may affect
your business and its reputation. This is where BT SIP Trunk
delivers a key advantage.
Because BT SIP Trunk runs over BTnet, our market-leading
dedicated internet access circuit, it only runs over the parts of
the infrastructure controlled by BT.
You’ll get the benefit of Quality of Service (QoS) that
prioritises your voice data across your connection and the BT
network, delivering quality calls. This all makes BT SIP Trunk
fast, reliable and secure.
And with BT you’ll get the best of both worlds –
saving on costs without compromising on call quality.

Take a look at the PDF and see how BTnet SIP works.

BTnet SIP 2014 PDF

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