Call Plans

BT Business One Plan

BT Business One Plan is BT’s communications package, which combines your landline, broadband, mobile and ICT switch maintenance spend into one great plan, helping to save them time, money and hassle.

You no longer have to spend ages dealing with different suppliers and paying several different bills for landline, broadband, mobile and ICT communications. You will now be able to benefit from one bill, one number to call for billing, fault and service enquiries… and one big saving.

It provides capped call pricing on fixed calls and a 5% yearly discount reward when you hit your committed spend level. Its perfect for businesses that spend £500 and above per year.

With BT Business One Plan, you will have one contact number for all service, billing and fault enquiries and will receive one bill (via OneBill Plus) each month for all your BT Services.

You can benefit from:

  • Capped call rate are just 5p for up to an hour to most UK landlines . That’s half the rate under BT Business Plan
  • NEW LOWER RATE – 20p capped rate calls from UK landlines to UK mobile for up to an hour
  • NEW Capped International fixed call rates – worldwide
  • NEW – If you have a communications system, you can now include your maintenance spend as part of your overall One Plan commitment
  • NEW – Conferencing Meet Me to contribute to your spend commitment
  • There’s a 5% credit if you meet your annual spend commitment
  • One monthly bill for landline, mobiles and broadband services cuts your management, banking and accounting costs
  • There’s no more hunting for different contact numbers – you get one number for all billing, fault or service enquiries
  • Your combined spend could entitle you to lower call rates on fixed-lines and mobiles
  • BT Assurance Plus at no extra cost – BT’s premium support package – giving you 24/7 fault reporting and next day fixes

Please call 0844 736 2675 or email and we will arrange for a specialist to contact you.