Etherflow Ethernet Networks

325 can offer BT Etherflow, a versatile Ethernet service intended for customers with sites spread across the UK who want a fast, reliable, and secure network between sites to support key business applications such as voice, video or email.

Why would I need an Etherflow Ethernet service?

BT Etherflow has been designed for customers who want high performance and value for money. It is specifically relevant for customers with requirements that include:

  • National coverage: To connect together two or more locations spread across the UK
  • High bandwidth: When you need high bandwidth between a number of sites, such as data centres and large offices
  • Information sharing: To share information or applications between sites securely
  • High Performance: To create a high performance network between your sites
  • Security: To create a secure private network that does not use the internet
  • Voice and Video: To carry voice and video calls between sites
  • Non-IP Applications: Etherflow is able to support older applications that don’t work over an IP network but will work over an Ethernet network
  • Ownership of IP architecture: Etherflow can be used to make very simple networks, but for the technically advanced it can also allow you to retain end-to-end ownership and control of your IP addressing and router tables

Etherflow can support a range of speeds including 10Mbps, 100Mpbs and gigabit (1,000Mbps). BT’s online service portal means it’s quick and simple for you to reconfigure the service yourself. It’s a UK only product but international options are available that may suit your business.

Please callĀ 0844 736 2675 or email and we will arrange for a specialist to contact you.