Traditional Lines and SIP Trunks with QoS

Telephone Line Options


Lines – We are able to offer a diverse range of BT telephone lines, from a single PSTN line, up to multi channel ISDN30

PSTN – aka Public Switched Telephone Network lines are your everyday standard phone lines and are able to carry voice and broadband services.

Featureline Comes with handy call management features such as Call Diversion, 3-way calling and Call Waiting and many others. These easy to use features could make handling your calls a lot simpler and help keep your costs down.

ISDN2e BT’s ISDN2e service is suited for sending voice, video and information over telephone wires quickly. Aimed at 2 – 8 users

ISDN30 / ISDN30e – if you require more than 8 lines, then BT’s larger service for sending voice, video and information over telephone wires very quickly is best for your business.

SIP Trunks –  in conjunction with BTnet dedicated internet we can offer you great value, secure, low cost flexible SIP trunks with full end to end QoS. Great for businesses who want to add out of area presence or number porting. BTnet SIP trunks can only be used on BTnet circuits, because of this we can guarantee quality and security. Prices and options available upon request

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