Managed or Wires Only MPLS from BT

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Build an IP network without limits
IP Connect lets you connect different sites with different needs, locally and around the UK in the fastest, most efficient way to unlock your full business potential. It can simplify your communications over a single IP (MPLS) network with built-in security and scope to expand.

Make your communications intelligent
Be prepared for the future and move to a new dimension of intelligent networks that should be intuitively intelligent, instantly adaptive, totally reliable, highly sustainable and ingeniously simple.IP Connect can form the backbone of your intelligent network, combine with Connect Applications, BT Assure and Diamond IP to deliver a future proof intelligent service.

Make your communications simpler and cut costs
Bringing your networks together on to a single IP platform makes them easier to manage and more cost-effective. And because we can design, maintain and manage IP Connect for you, you’ll also cut your cost of ownership.

Get a wide choice of access types
You can connect all your sites, from large company offices to small agents, and choose the right access for each one. Choose from ADSL, Super-fast, Ethernet and leased lines, with speeds from 128Kbps to 1Gbps and resilience options built in. Connect all your sites with each other through the network. And once the infrastructure is in place you can add new applications and more offices when you’re ready. We support both new and older access technologies too, so you can upgrade your system at your own pace.

You pay less because we’re closer
We have many more access points in the UK than anyone else, so wherever you are, we won’t be far away. Shorter distances between you and our network mean you’ll save on access costs.

Cut costs, build productivity
Take your business to the next level of efficiency with a single platform that can help you bring voice, video, mobile and conferencing together. You’ll also be able to take advantage of hosted services including IP telephony, One Access SIP, One IPT, On Demand Compute, and Cloud Contact.

Connect where you need to
With ADSL and leased line access, IP Connect is available to over 99 per cent of the UK. If you have international sites, you can use IP Connect Global to connect through our global MPLS service to cities around the world.

Intelligent network?
Do you know what traffic is running over your network? Are you confident it’s secure to all cyber-attacks? Is it ready for IPv6 and the BYOD explosion? And is it optimised to work in line with your organisations goals? Watch our animation and be inspired about the possibility of networks.

Technical specs
The network you need for now, and the future.

We can supply IP Connect as a ‘wires-only’ service or as a fully managed service which we design, install, monitor and maintain.

Access options – these include leased line, contended and uncontended asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) and Ethernet with bandwidth ranging from 64Kbps to Gigabit.

Security – IP Connect is certified by the CESG to impact level 2.2.4.


Standard – RFC 4364 – BGP/MPLS IP Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
Configurations – Any-to-Any, Hub & Spoke
VPNs – 100 maximum with Ethernet and leased line access
IP – Version 4
Classes of service – RFC 3270 with 6 DSCP classes: EF, AF1, AF2, AF3, AF4 and default

Access options
ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL, GPON, EFM (Ethernet Copper), Ethernet Fibre, Leased Line

Access resilience options for fibre delivery (Ethernet and leased line)

Standard 99.9 per cent
Secure 99.99 per cent
Secure Plus 99.999 per cent

Service speeds
Our Ethernet access services let you flex the service speed independently of the access speed.

Managed service

Our managed service includes: technical advisory services; project managed installation; CPE supply, installation and maintenance; configuration management, reporting on performance, and managing your help desk and customer service.

Please call 0844 736 2675 or email and we will arrange for a specialist to contact you.

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