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325 Consultancy are an authorised partner of BT Business offering businesses like yours 21St Century connectivity solutions. We don’t believe in offering cheap leased line connections, cheap MPLS networks, cheap IP VPN or cheap point to points. Cheap often means inferior service and poor performance.
Instead we offer quality-networking solutions from the UK’s longest established telecoms provider British Telecom.  You wouldn’t start a shipping company and then invest in a dinghy as it wouldn’t be fit for purpose. The same goes for your communications.
Your telephone lines, internet connection and site to site networking all need to be reliable so that you can concentrate on running your business. BT is able to offer a quality, solid reliable service as it has invested £billions in its 21Cn network and continues to do so. BT is a Globally capable, Globally recognised telecoms provider and this is why we are proud to be an authorised partner.
In the past BT network services may have been perceived as expensive, however due to increased Ethernet coverage with the 21Cn rollout and the introduction of new technologies, pricing for quality services has been driven down, meaning better deals for you the customer without compromising quality. Often this means you get much much more, for much less than you are may already be paying. We are able to provide an extensive range of BT products and services, designed to save you money and increase productivity.At a time when reducing costs while increasing presence is essential, we are able to deliver and are more than willing to illustrate how this can be done for your business.
BUSINESS PLANS: BT Business Traditional, The One Plan Range and Bespoke Plans
BROADBAND INTERNET: ADSL Max /  ADSL2+, 3G Mobile Broadband,  Fibre Broadband (FTTC/FTTP/FTTx)
DEDICATED 1:1 INTERNET: BTnet Fibre Ethernet, BTnet EFM / Ethernet First Mile (Copper)
IP VPN & WAN Etherflow E-LAN, IP Connect UKIP Converge (Managed MPLS) IP Clear (Wires Only MPLS)

BT MPLS (International)

We have Specialists in the BT portfolio of ICT products and services who will be more than happy to discuss your needs and requirements. With the rollout of 21CN (21st Century Network) BT now has more Ethernet presence then ever before. This means that coverage is better than ever before and so is the pricing.Please call 0844 736 2675 or email and we will arrange for a specialist to contact you.

Authorised BT partner (white)


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